DIY Event Planning

  • Research and Develop Client External Relationships
  • Pay attention to the smallest details
  • Choose a direction to your event and attack with passion
  • The event could be:
    • Educational, Energizing, Enlightening, or Engaging
    • Look for different things to make your audience standout
    • E.I. Personalize and Customize as much as possible
  • Time of year
  • Site
  • Name & Logos
  • Atmosphere
  • Lighting
  • Props
  • Party Favors
    • Invitations/Promotional Materials
    • Save the date cards
    • Themed reminders about the event
    • Make sure your invitation set the mode for the event
    • It’s the first time your audience see’s or hears about your event

Project a budget first

  • Expenses
  • Site Cost
  • Refreshments/Food
  • Programs
  • Promotion materials
  • Income
  • Vendor spaces
  • Day of the Event Checklist
    • Supplies Pick up
    • Venue Set-up
    • Prop pick-up
    • Furniture Placement/Removal (if neeeded)
    • Food Delivery (if needed)
    • Place any outside and/or outside Promotional Materials
    • Copies of any contracts or written correspondence
    • Be prepared to handle any last minute adjustments
    • Back up plans, surplus items, etc.
Things to consider when look at Location
  • Proximity
  • Cost
  • Size
  • Facilities

Make sure the event location matches the event theme.

  • Make sure Staging, Audio, and Lightening is accessible at your venue.
  • Having no power is no fun
  • Keep in mind the feeling you want to convey in relation to your venue.
  • Know the smallest details
  • Carpeted or Not
  • Number of Columns in the room
  • Possible isle paths for entrance and exits
  • Event Design Angles
  • Transportation and Parking
Food And Beverages
  • Most venues will work with you when it comes to food in their venue.
  • Make sure the food matches or adds to your event.
  • If alcohol is being served make guidelines to ensure order.
  • Make sure you are there for every step of the food and beverage process.
  • Things to consider
    • Budget
    • How much are you going to spend.
    • Kitchen space and location
    • Number of guest
    • Type of Event
    • Will there be Appetizer/Courses served
    • How will your food be served
    • Self-service
    • Catering help