A Certain Bride…..So The Journey Begun (Part 1)

It was supposedly my best friend’s engagement ceremony after party, I was so tired from the day before as we had to drive from Lagos to Ibadan to Ilorin then to Benin. However, I was obliged to attend because we did not make it on time for the ceremony. Here I was in the hotel room asking my then boyfriend what to wear, all he could say was “I am wearing the same thing I have on, so it doesn’t matter what you wear babe”. The best staged proposal ever if I do say so myself, that was April 2014.

After the excitement of the drama wore out, I started to think of the planning process. I had always known what I didn’t want at my wedding, NO FLOWY BALL WEDDING DRESS! NO PINUPS! NO BRIDAL TRAIN! NO SATURDAY WEDDING!!! It is 7 weeks to my wedding and you can ask if I got all my wishes, well no. Thanks to our very uncaring Politicians and unreasonably priced event venue, I am getting married on a Saturday *Screaming*.

Then I had to constantly battle between my budget and my obsession to have everything near perfect. You see I had worked in the event industry for over 5years, planned A-Listers wedding, worked with the best name in the industry. You can only understand my need for perfection, and a subtle plea for miracles.

Indeed the heavens smiled on me when my sister told me about the Season 2 of “My Big Nigerian Wedding” which will get me a N15m worth of wedding when I win. Trust me, I enrolled sharply at the 2nd week of the competition. And have been doing fine so far.
I will tell you all about my vendors next time, break is over need to go back to work.

Meanwhile, meet my babies.

Oh, don’t judge me yet. I will wear a Bolero over (at least for the church before my Pastor sends me away).

This is what my bolero will look like,

Till I write you again.
A Certain Bride

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